TeenHOP Resource Center
This is a location for you to gain what you need to become a better TeenHOP Leader or TeenHOP Member.

Become the best TeenHOP Member in order to impact your communities!

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TeenHOP Modeling
We have self-development program for TeenHOP members who will like to improve their self-esteem and face their fears. They will be one of TeenHOP models, which will allow them to be in fashion shows and receive training. If you will like to join this group please send an email to info@teenhop.com

What do I do after I join TeenHOP?

Find a TeenHOP group, start your own TeenHOP group, or volunteer with any community program and record your hours. Attend TeenHOP leadership trainings. Gain Presidential metals yearly!

Why should I record my volunteering hours?

If you make it a habit to record your hours with TeenHOP you will be able to gain your data the moment you need it for a job, college, probation officers, or scholarship - even ten years from now.

Do I have to volunteer with a TeenHOP Group?

No you do not have to volunteer with a TeenHOP Group in order to record your hours. We don't care who you volunteer with, we just want you to volunteer. You can volunteer with the Honor Society, RTC, or at any church - JUST VOLUNTEER and record your hours!!

Do TeenHOP give scholarships?

We give stipend to members for school. We also give prizes to members when we have special events.

I don't want to use my bank card over the internet, how can I give a donation?

If you live in the USA and have a Bank of America near you, please know you can deposit any amount in TeenHOP account.

TeenHOP Leadership Training
We offer TeenHOP Camp during the summer months. TeenHOP groups also partner with Toastmaster to learn leadership development and presentation skills. If you will like to learn more about how to join a TeenHOP Toastmaster group send an email to info@TeenHOP.com

TeenHOP T-Shirts
We encourage everyone to get their TeenHOP gear. Exspecially if you volunteer as a group or part of TeenHOP-Toastmasters group. Please Click HERE TO ORDER!!
We need more TeenHOP Leaders! If you can influence others to work as a team in order to help those in need in your communities and desire to lead please send an email to info@TeenHOP.com !