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Northfulton.com: Alpharetta sisters run nonprofit encouraging teens to volunteer

WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

Watch television clip on chanel 2 telling more people about TeenHOP HERE
Two teenage sisters motivating other teens to change the world they will inherit.
That’s the story of Gracelyn Leath and Brooke Leath, a dynamic duo who have been tapping into that potential since 2012 by lending their time to TeenHOP, a group working to empower young teenagers to volunteer in their communities... READ MORE!
ALPHARETTA, Ga.— Before they were even in high school, sisters Gracelyn and Brooke Leath were making an impact in their community.
Inspired by a yearly volunteering event held at their school, the sisters said they got hooked on helping others and wanted to continue making a..... READ MORE!

NC STATE University - Philanthropy Journal News

Youth Developing Youth: A Teen-Powered Nonprofit Molding Gen Z Volunteers ...

FM 104.7 The Fish

Good Deeds DAY - TeenHOP "Senior" Prom

Atlanta Best Media Magazine - Page 26

Gracelyn and Brooke was interviewed by Angie Powell on 104.7 The Fish. It was their featured story on January 1, 2018. Listen to it HERE!
Senior prom is commonly known for being one of the most anticipated and talked about milestones of a person’s high school career. It is a night for dressing up, posing for photos, and putting your best dancing foot forward. For Good Deeds Day this year, members of the TeenHOP Self-Development Program, an organization.... READ MORE!
Teens Help Other People was featured - Check it out HERE!

CNN NEWS - TeenHOP Self-Development Program - 2019

TeenHOP 6 months Self-Development/Leadership closing was featured on CNN. Check it our HERE
  1. Let’ Talk About Boys -PART 1
    TeenHOP Members talking about what they learn so far about boys when dating and what to expect from some boys or young men. This only part 1, but entertaining conversation...
  2. Let’s Talk About Boys- Part 2
    Talked about their interactions with boys. Look for red flags in relationships and don’t ignore them. Find out what the person want to make sure you both want the same thing.
  3. TeenHOP President's Volunteer Service Award
    Learn how to gain awards from White House from current President in office by volunteering.
  4. TeenHop-Grayson Volunteering Experience
    TeenHop members volunteering in their communities. It will be an experience that provided them with wisdom & encouraged them. VOLUNTEER WITH your family by joining www.Teenhop.com
  5. Thank You for Volunteering! (TeenHOP - Cumming)
  6. TeenHOP Thank Police Officers!
    A few TeenHOP Members from GA took the time to Thank Police officers-www.teenhop.com
  7. TeenHOP Leadership Summer Training 2016
  8. TeenHOP Pledge
    Learn the TeenHOP Pledge with these TeenHOP Members!
  9. TeenHOP Flash of 2014
    We could not capture everything we did in 2014 in this 2 minute clip because it was a lot, but enjoy! Hopefully you will see how Teens Help Other People impacted their communities in 2014 and excited about 2015!
  10. HELP ME FILL MY BASKET GIVE 500 TeenHOP Campaign
    HELP ME FILL MY BASKET - TeenHOP is GIVing bars of Nontoxic, homemade soap to Cancer Centers with your assistance. We NEED YOU to help this Campaign be a success - Thank you for helping us, help others. Learn More at www.teenhop.com
  11. Entrepreneurship - TeenHOP Winter Leadership Training- Sophie Gibson
    Many scholars have suggested that the successful future strategists will exploit an entrepreneurial mindset the ability to quickly sense, act, and mobilize, even under uncertain conditions (Ireland et al., 2003: 963–989). We believe at Teens Help Other People (TeenHOP) it is important to teach the mindset of an entrepreneur at an early age so youth can become and understand entrepreneurship is not just about having brains, passion, or capital, but having an entrepreneurial mindset.TeenHOP Executive Director, Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC invited successful Sophie L. Giibson, the owner of VIVO360 - Advertising Business to help a few TeenHOP members learn what it means to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Please watch a glimpse of the training below. TeenHOP provide their members with leadership trainings each quarter and one week of Leadership summer camp each year. If you will like to learn more about TeenHOP, please go to www.teenhop.com.
  12. Successful TeenHOP Leadership Camp 2014
    Teens Help Other People had a successful TeenHOP Leadership Camp -2014. This video gives a brief overview of what took place. You will see one of Macy's Designers & Manager explain to the TeenHOP Models what was needed of them and so much more. Look to attend TeenHOP Leadership Camp 2015 - To learn more and get updates please visit our website at www.teenhop.com -
  13. Meals By Grace
    TeenHOP volunteer for a great program that feed children in need of food called Meals By Grace. It's an Honor to volunteer for Meals By Grace because this great program is part of the solution! Come join us and volunteer with TeenHOP - twww.teenhop.com
  14. TeenHop Fashion With Macy's
    Teens Help Other People - TeenHOP had a wonderful time modeling for Macy's Prom Fashion Show! Join TeenHOP today at www.teenhop.com!
  15. Congrats TeenHOP!
    TeenHOP was recognized by Independence High School for as being one of many community partners for helping with over 3300 students graduated with a diploma, more than 120 homeless students have been mentored and provided with essentials to enable them to remain in school and graduate. Hundreds of teen parents have learned parenting skills to provide safe and healthy lives for their children!! TeenHOP is part of the solution and not the problem in our communities. If you are 10-19 please consider being apart of TeenHOP - learn more at www.teenhop.com
  16. TeenHOP Training with Linda Legros
    Learn 3 tips of what you need to be successful in life according to Linda Legros one of TeenHOP Board Members.
  17. TeenHOP Douglasville, GA
    Teens honors all who help in their community. In this short clip you will see how few of the members made cookies for firemen! Join TeenHOP at www.teenhop.com.
  18. TeenHOP Cumming
    Teens Help Other People - TeenHOP volunteer in their communities. Please learn more at www.teenhop.com
  19. Join TeenHOP!
    Join TeenHop Today at www.teenhop.com!
  20. Kristine Zeh TeenHOP St Simons
    Kristine Zeh is encouraging TeenHOP youth to give and help others in need! Follow us at www.facebook.com/teenhop1 and Instagram #teenhop
  21. TeenHOP Cares College
    TeenHOP will be giving care package to students from donations provided from the community. Why? We understand this will motivate youth to push forward in their academics, not give up, and let them know they are not alone. Another form of support.
  22. Gracelyn Leath - co-founder, Interviewed Anna Perez (R.A.W.W. Brands)
    Gracelyn co-founder of TeenHOP interviewed Anna Perez to learn about her passion, why she decided to start her own business making organic products, learn what she donated towards TeenHOP Care campaign (College Care Package). Learn more about her business at www.rawwbrands.com and follow her on Instagram @rawwbrands
  23. Welcome To Teens Help Other People 501c3 - TeenHOP
    Introduction video for others to learn about TeenHOP - 501c3 non-profit program. Encourage all ages to join Teenhop and volunteer in their communities.
  24. TeenHOP Summer Leadership Training 2015
    Date: July 16, 2015 Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Location: AT & T: 675 W Peachtree St Ne, Atlanta, GA 30308
  25. TeenHOP Informative Video - Learn The Mission, The Values
    Learn what TeenHOP is all about and why you need to be apart of TeenHOP. www.teenHOP.com, www.facebook.com/teenhop1 or info@teenhop.com
  26. Welcome New TeenHop Group!
    Watch new TeenHOP group enjoy their first volunteering event in Cobb County. You can join this great volunteering group, a TeenHOP group near you, or start your own. Just go to www.TeenHOP.com or email info@teenhop.com
  27. TeenHOP/Bargains Boutique
    TeenHOP volunteered at Bargains Boutique - 580 Atlanta Rd, Unit 208, Cumming, GA 30040-2744, United States- At Whispering Hope, the staff is dedicated to helping mothers through an unplanned pregnancy by providing options counseling, resources such as food, diapers, wipes, formula, baby beds, car seats and related supplies. We provide education on pre- and post-natal care, GED assistance and parenting classes. The center offers referrals to adoption agencies for those women interested in placing their children for adoption. We also have a food bank for those in need. Bargains Boutique is a thrift store and all the money made goes to help Whispering Hope.
  28. St Simons Christian School Serves - TeenHop
    St Simons Christian School Serves is a volunteering program linked with TeenHOP. Students at St. Simons Christian School first volunteering event took place on 11/11/2014. The students honored veterans by giving out water and told them how much they appreciated their services. Awesome Job!!!
  29. #whyIvolunteerwithteenhop
    Listen to why TeenHOP member volunteer with TeenHop!! Join today at www.teenhop.com
  30. #whyvolunteerwithTeenHop
  31. #whyIvolunteerwithteenhop
  32. #whyvolunteerwithTeenHop
    Join TeenHop today! www.teenhop.com
  33. #whyIvolunteerwithteenhop
  34. #whyIvolunteerwithTeenHop
  35. TeenHOP Leadership Camp
  36. 300 Students Volunteered!!
    300 Students Volunteered with TeenHOP on Kennesaw University in GA!!
  37. TeenHOP Self-Development Dance Class
    TeenHOP Models preparing for TeenHOP Award Ceremony. One of TeenHOP Members taught them her own dance routine.
  38. Students Joining TeenHOP!
    TeenHOP members at an event introducing TeenHOP and signed up 250+ students!! Go TeenHOP! Great Job!
  39. TeenHOP is now a 501c3!
    Teens Help Other People - TeenHOP - is excited to be a 501c3 in 2015- and ready to do more in their communities
  40. TeenHOP Gave to Cancer Center
    Update on Giving Campaign - Thank you for buying non-toxic soap in order for TeenHOP to give to cancer center of members' Mother. Join TeenHOP at www.teenhop.com and start helping other people!
  41. HELP US FILL OUR BASKETS - Gracelyn & Brooke - GIVE 500 TeenHOP Campaign
    TeenHOP is giving nontoxic, homemade soap to Cancer Centers for the month of October and We Need your Help! Please go to www.TeenHOP.com and buy a bar of this great smelling soap for yourself and donate a few bars to TeenHOP and Help them give to Cancer Centers! Thank YOU So MUCH